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Sooooo we have done a lot with the tour. Jonathan has done a lot with the apartment (I will add some pics) and I have been working on the Fb page ( we are also on twitter GrantvilleDead. Anyhow I’ve been meeting some rad people and next month we will be doing an Eyecon zombie apocalypse vendor spot. Anyhow I’ve been super focused with that lately and haven’t been blogging to much. Just wanted to pop over with a couple things. So until sometime later T.T.F.N. 👋




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Mother’s Day 2013

I woke up this morning to Facebook messages from my sweet boyfriend and his mom wishing me a happy Mother’s Day and to a quiet house. My kids are with their father today so it’s just me and my fur babies. I should really clean the house but today is my day and I can clean tomorrow I guess. So I drank my coffee and I’m watching vampire diaries. I feel whole I have such a great life right now. I have two sweet girls who are the best present out there! My first Mother’s Day was so sad since my arms were empty for 4 Mother’s Day’s after Matthew passed. I’m so glad to be past the grief and my heart is 95% whole now. I hope every mother out there has a wonderful day today.

Well my day turned into quite a roller coaster spectacle. Went and did pedicures with my cousin and aunt. That part was an up swing and good. It was nice getting pampered for a bit. Then things started to slide and they ended at rock bottom. You see I had wanted to snap a couple Mother’s Day pictures with them and me then I was going to take a few of them. Well it seemed they had planned a whole family portrait session that I wasn’t a part of. Maybe my slight jealousy of her relationship with her mom and me missing my mom how she used to be caused this I’m not exactly sure…. I made a comment that I was going to need help cleaning if the photo shoot lasted a while. Then she made the comment that her mom better hurry or they would have to clean. It pissed me off that I was good enough to take their pics but not be in them and they were too good to do me a favor. I swear I’m done doing free favors I’m way too nice. I have never felt so outside when with family but I should have expected I’m a cousin and a niece not a daughter or mother of them. I am an outsider. I cried a whole lot today. I’m better now my boyfriend came over and let me vent and cry over and over till I felt better. And we watched Django which was a crazy gory movie but still pretty good. Anyhow it’s a very very diff Mother’s Day and I cannot say I don’t miss my mom because it would be a lie.

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Mother’s Day picnic

I spent some time at livi’s school today for a Mother’s Day picnic. It was so cute! I will post a pic to go with it:


She filled out an all about me piece of paper and said my fav thing to do is sew ( which I don’t do not know how) and she said that my fav food is olives which I hate lol. Here is a recipe she put in the class book:


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Sunday Funday

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything so I figured I would make a post today. Lets start with this past weekend I had a blast with my dad and Jonathan and Skye. We did a walk through tour of sites that The Walking Dead filming locations from season 2. We saw Woodbury (senoia ga) we also saw where Morgan had created his fortress and had the shoot out with michone and Rick and Carl. It was pretty much awesome. Morgan’s apartment is located in Grantville ga and the mayor conducts free tours. Me and my brother spoke with him about possibly redoing the apartment back to the way it was in the episode “clear”. He is going to provide the materials and we get to help. I think this is awesome!!!

Earlier this month Logan and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary. The past 6 months have been awesome I am truly happy in a way I’ve never had before. Part of this scares me to death because I’m scared to be hurt but I am way too happy to not allow myself to fully love and be loved. I just hope he doesn’t break my heart.

Alivia graduates kindergarten next month life is just a crazy fast ride and I can’t believe that it seems it was yesterday I brought her home from the hospital.






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Today I am going to make this post all about things I am thankful for:
1. I am thankful for Logan and his family they really make life better. His mom and her boyfriend came out for alivias first softball practice and will be joining for a lot of her games too!
2. I am thankful that Livi loo loved her softball practice and can’t wait to see her play for real.
3. I am thankful we are all well this week.
4. I am thankful that even though I’ve eaten horrible that I still managed to lose 2 pounds when I stepped on the scale.
5. I am thankful to the little bit of family I have around me and who choose to be around.
6. I am thankful today is Friday 🙂

Happy weekend everyone.

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When kids are sick I feel helpless

So alivia is still a very sick girl everyday she has had a fever. Or I should say every night. During the daytime she runs and plays. It hits 7/8 pm and she is in pain with a fever up to 103• we went to the doctor today they did a flu test and tested her urine. Everything was negative. What’s wrong with my kid. I feel helpless like what if its incredibly serious and we are doing nothing about it?!? We go back Monday if the fevers continue….

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Roller coaster week

Hey it’s been a while since I have posted and a whole lot has went on! Monday I turned the big 3-0. My dad came into town and helped get my dishwasher installed which was awesome I’ve never been so happy about an appliance in my life. Guess that’s a sign of being older?

Tuesday Jonathan gets sick while working. It was such a crap day we drove 25 min to post only to find out he had forgot his license at home then turn around and come back and by the time we pull up to the house of the highest officer I clean for he starts throwing up. I go in and make their beds and say ill be back tomorrow because their house is giant. I go to the next house and tell him to wait in the car. He has to come in and use the bathroom and of course the lady had out of town family there.

Finally I drive home pick up the kids and head to Logan’s for my birthday dinner with his family. It was pretty awesome they gave me plates all different colors but all the same brand. I almost cried I’ve never not had hand me down plates. I absolutely adore his family and the way my mom has been I’d call his mom by mom in a heartbeat.

Next comes alivia she starts complaining at dinner she was not feeling well and her tummy was hurt. She was up and down all night. Logan actually was an angel and kept her without me even asking. He offered!! So Jessica helped me work my 3 houses which we finished in normal time she was a fabulous last min partner!

Then Wednesday night alivia broke out in a fever. Now my kids are never sick. Like ever. I take it and its almost 102. I called Logan’s mom to figure out what to do. I give her Motrin and it breaks the fever. Then at 3 she wakes screaming bloody murder and I decide to the ER we go. I got about 3 hours worth of sleep and did my two jobs today. I am beat but so thankful I have Jess and Logan in my life they have really been there for me this week!!! Lets pray tomorrow is uneventful.

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January’s over today!

So I got through yesterday with some tears. This year was a hard anniversary day. I still want to do a memorial and take something to his little grave. I went and had lunch with my sister it was good to see her for her birthday. I gave her a Furby and she was very excited for it!

Happy one month anniversary to this blog 🙂 I am pretty happy so far with my resolutions with the exception of the drama one. I did allow myself to get caught up in some crud. But it’s ok everything else I am on par with. I have lost a little weight I officially weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed it will be a better number!!

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Weekend, work, birthdays and workouts

I had a very enjoyable weekend! I had date night with Logan we went to see a movie. We saw The Last Stand and I thought ew action movie I’ll hate it. But I was pleasantly surprised! Saturday night I went and hung out with his mom and her boyfriend and watched The Hunger Games. We talked about me needing running shoes and she texted me the next morning offering to go shopping with me and asked me to lunch.

Work has been great this week Monday I did the hell house I did last week but you know it was super easy this time! The rest of the week had been good tomorrow ending it up with a move out clean.

Today was hectic I had to work this morning, babysat for my little kar kar who is a spoiled little brat. She is fine as long as I’m holding her but if I sat her down she bawled her little cute head off lol. Then I took nay to a doctor appointment which turns out no surgery is needed yay!! Ended my day at my sweet tai’s birthday I can’t believe she turned 8 today!!!

Livi had a balloon and she made me cry cause she kissed it and said she wanted to send it to heaven for Matthew :,(

Work out news I have done really good this week kind of blew it at the bday party… I was so proud of myself I ordered the slim in 6 video and I actually completed the WHOLE thing. I love it so far it’s easy to understand and I can feel muscles I haven’t felt in a long long time!! Woo hoo goal get healthy getting back on the wagon with the food portion tomorrow!!

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Personal ad for a friend?

So it feels so pathetic that I feel like I should write a personal ad for a friend. I love all of my friends Jess is perfect when I have my kids in tow they can run amok with her kiddos and I get friend time in. Sara is wonderful too but lives forever away for a little while longer. I think I need a fellow mom around my age whose kids visit their dad the same weekends as my kids. Maybe someone who likes to watch a little tv catch a movie watch a hockey game and go for walks. Some might think I need a boyfriend but I got one he just works on the weekends.

Last night I was supposed to go have some fun with Jenna and some other ex co workers. I got ready at 10 waited for them to tell me where to go downtown and I fell asleep at 12:30 dressed still. I don’t know what funk I’m in is it the I’m turning 30 soon and everything makes me want to cry?? Is it that Matthews day is coming?? I don’t know.

What’s the answer here? How can I not sit at home or spend my kid free weekends alone??

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