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The casket store

on January 3, 2013

So when I was around 14 my dad decided that it would be awesome to open a casket store…I remember us all waiting for the first delivery of caskets to the store and doing a happy dance when it happened. Our first store was on 17th across from the Pizza Hut that is on Manchester. The funeral homes didn’t pay us too much attention at first because we didn’t have a lot of business. Then word got out that we sold them so much cheaper than they did. We only marked them up 100% they marked them up 500%!! We got visited by the funeral home mob… Maybe it’s the actual mob but it was scary they followed me and my brother and made threats even showed up with guns at the casket store. Who knew it was pretty scary though!

Once the store moved to armour rd we also had a flower store adjacent to it. I was forced to work here all the time. Once I laid in a coffin haha I was a bit on the morbid side occasionally…. Anyhow I read a blog earlier about making funerals funny
And it reminded me of having a casket store.

2 responses to “The casket store

  1. List of X says:

    Wow, I had no idea that selling coffins can be such a dangerous business. But come to think of it, if anyone can easily get rid of a body of a competitor, it would be the funeral mob.

    • ambernacolle says:

      I know that was a crazy time of my life. Those people hated us so bad! One of them owned a funeral home linked to the cemetery we had family buried at and after we buried my granny next to her son they took his marker up and he had been dead 30 years, they claimed it was because it still had money owed on it and they just thought they could do whatever. Well the statue of limitations had passed and we sued them and won 75,000 (my mom and aunt did at least) and I’m not making any of this up pinky promise lol.

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